One of the biggest objections I get when we do a comedy event in a small town is “We can’t charge a cover for a comedy event” This mostly comes from a fear that their customers will not pay the cover charge or prepay for an event ticket is weeks away.

While I can certainly agree with you in some regards that your customers hate paying cover charges for bands, karaoke, and DJ’s. Even I can’t stand paying cover charges, especially when I know I am coming to your business to spend money. Here’s the thing… The events that I have just listed are a dime a dozen, meaning you can almost always find this form of entertainment every single weekend in your town. I’ve had so many customers over the year’s mention that they can barely pay for the band when they charge a cover as most of their customers just simply do not want to pay.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN charge a cover for a comedy event and you will not receive any backlash from your customers. If you’re going to host a comedy night at your business, you’re offering a niche special event, something that doesn’t come around to your town very often – making it much easier for a customer to pay for a ticket to the event.

The odds are that a majority of your customers have never even seen a comedy show and when you bring this type of special event to your town, you would be surprised at how quickly and eager your customers will be to open their wallets to attend a special event.

We’ve had a massive success rate with bringing our “Comedy Nights” to small towns all over America. We have literally seen hundreds of thousands of tickets sold to attend our events at venues where their owners thought it was impossible to charge a cover for the event tickets.

The point here is to not let the fear keep you from doing a profitable event at your venue.