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Damien was born December 30, 1959 in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Ever since he could remember he had a passion for magic and illusion. Around the age of 10 he started reading basic magic books just to grasp the simple concept on magic. As he started reading more and more he also began practicing more. Throughout high school he considered him-self, self taught and would just do tricks for friends. Never would he have imagined this would some day end up as a dream career.

Out of high school he joined the American Guild of Variety Artists or better known as A.G.V.A. A.G.V.A is the actors and variety arts union. Around the age of 19 he started doing shows for A.G.V.A and realized this was a career he was going to pursue for the rest of his life. From then on he worked every day and night to strive and become something with his talents. Around the age of 20 things started to kick off for Damien, he started traveling and doing shows in Atlantic City and New York. He did this for about 10 years of his life.

In his late 20’s Damien started taking acting lesson because a few people came up to him and told him he looked like he belonged on T.V. As Damien started seeing another opportunity to capitalize in the show business world he strived hard to get onto T.V. He did two beer commercials for the company Schaffer Beer.

In between acting he also kept up with his magic career and studied with the well known magician Keith Clark from France. He also worked with ED Clinchard, who worked with the Harry Blackstone Show. Last but not least he also worked with Doug Henning. Between Keith Clark, Ed Clinchard and Doug Henning he picked up years of experience.

Between the ages of 30 to 35 Damien had a contract with Mickey Rooney Hotel in Pennsylvania. During that time he was also doing club shows and high-end private engagements too.

At the age of 37, he started to settle down and decided it was time to spend time with his family. During these years he has developed a new modern act and has came up with new illusions. Recently he has shot and brand new promotional video that portrays just a glimpse of his new act. His act is some of the most visual magic and illusion you will ever see and most of the effects have never been seen performed.


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