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Born in Washington D.C., Daryl Wright credits his Grandmother for backing him when he decided to pursue a career in comedy. He moved to San Antonio to hook up with fellow comedian and long time friend named Quint. The two hit the Texas comedy circuit. This was an interesting period in Daryl’s career. He was living with his best friend who’s parents were in the Klan and venturing out into the comedic voice. He quickly learned that performing in front of a audience speaking directly to them wasn’t always what it was cracked up to be. Those audiences are erratic and on any given night his acerbic style wasn’t their cup of tea. This learning curve only fueled Daryl’s desire to pursue stand-up comedy. An art form he loved and respected.

Daryl moved to New York. The transition from Texas to New York was a culture shock. While trying to make a dent in the highly competitive field of stand-up comedy, Daryl found himself broke and homeless. He often slept on trains and washed in the sink at a bar on McDougal Street owned at the time by an old drunk friend named Jimmy. Daryl moved to Los Angeles the mecca for stand-up comedy and worked his way from open mic to being a headliner on stage at the world famous Melrose Improv. Daryl’s life experiences, from his gang days in D.C., jail time, sleeping on trains in New York to working in a hostile environment in Texas is the spine of his moral character and the bases of his hilarious comedy. From a struggling comic, to a headliner and a Showtime appearance on a comedy special, Daryl Wright is no longer sleeping on trains. He’s moving on the fast track to stardom.


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